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Slay Mid-Day Fatigue with these 3 Super-Herbs

It’s mid-day, your mind begins to lose focus, tiredness sets in and you would do anything to feel refreshed. That is when BRAND’S® Essence of Ginseng comes in.

A well-balanced plant-based tonic to help tonify your body and nourish your qi (translated as ‘vital life form’), BRAND’S® Essence of Ginseng is made with three super-herbs - Mai Men Dong extracts, Asian and American Ginseng extracts and Schisandra extracts – that complements one another for a 3-step holistic solution.

Step 1: Tonify Qi with Ginseng

Qi deficiency aka lack of bodily energy can cause fatigue especially during stressful crunch times. But the good news is, containing both Asian and American ginseng, BRAND’S® Essence of Ginseng can help tonify and balance your qi.

As a super-herb in traditional Chinese medicine, Asian ginseng not only helps to strengthen general health and boost vital energy, it is considered as an adaptogen that can help body resist mental and physical stress through adjusting the body’s metabolic and functional systems.

Step 2: Reduce Heatiness with Mai Men Dong

Mai Men Dong helps counter heatiness by increasing the production of body fluid.

Not only does this super-herb moisten your lungs, but it also helps to balance yin and yang energies of your body, especially when you forget to hydrate amidst your busy schedule.

Step 3: Retain Qi with Schisandra

Fun Fact: Schisandra is known in Chinese as the five-flavor fruit. It is salty, sweet, sour, pungent and bitter all at the same time.

With all the tonifying that ginseng provides and the moisture produced by Man Men Dong, Schisandra locks all the goodness of BRAND’S® Essence of Ginseng in for a longer-lasting effect.

Balanced living seems impossible. We are constantly striving to do the best in every area of our lives. But BRAND’S® Essence of Ginseng says it is possible! With the wholesome goodness of all 3 super-herbs combined in one convenient bottle, be enabled to love life to fullest, all day, every day!