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BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest Drink received Monde Selection Gold Award two years in a row

BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink is trusted by generations of customers because of its well-known trustworthiness. After it has won its first Gold Award from the Monte Selection, an international quality assessment institute specialized in food and beverage products in 2013, BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink becomes the first and only bottled bird's nest that has earned this award. In 2014,  BRAND'S Bird's Nest continued to be awarded with Gold Award by Monte Selection – an iron proof of its outstanding quality.

Monde Selection, International Institute for Quality Selections was founded in 1961 in Brussels, the capital of Europe. Globally renowned, the prestigious award's mission is to conduct comprehensive expert evaluations on the quality of consumer products. Each year, no less than 3,000 products from over 80 countries are assessed by an independent jury comprised of industry professionals. Product submissions for testing fall into a myriad of food, cosmetics, and health-related categories. In addition to sensory analysis of a product's appearance, taste, smell, and texture, expert judges also evaluate its convenience, labeling, packaging, environmental friendliness, and innovation. Most importantly, the product is judged based on various ingredients. Each component has a direct impact on the result. Monde Selection recognizes that consumers not only look for products with good taste but also beneficial for his health.

For over half a century, Monde Selection has been working in partnership with reputed individual experts such as scientific experts, university lecturers, nutrition and health consultants and many other specialists. All of Monde Selection's judges are qualified professionals, carefully chosen for both their abilities and integrity. In order to guarantee an impartial assessment, Monde Selection's jury members and board of scientific experts test each product independent of one another. Each product is evaluated, sampled and judged conforming to its product category, according to different parameters.

BRAND'S Bird's Nest Drink is the only Gold Award winner in the bottle bird's nest category. BRAND'S is the first to bottle bird's nest in the world. It uses FTIR Technology to authenticate raw material and guarantees only 100% genuine bird's nest is in its product.  It has 179 years of history and BRAND'S Bird's Nest Drink has been market leader in many major markets.

Whether it is a gift to your family and friends, or for your own consumption, BRAND'S Bird's Nest Drink is no doubt the product that you can trust.

The Award winners include:

2013 Monde Selection Gold Award

BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink with Rock Sugar

2014 Monde Selection Gold Award

BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink with Rock Sugar



Dr Lackana Leelayouthayotin, Executive Vice President & CEO, Cerebos Pacific Ltd received the Award in 2013.