BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink

Why do I need BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink?

To prepare bird's nest drink at home, you have to spend hours pre-soaking and cleaning the bird's nest, then double-boiling the bird's nest with rock sugar. To preserve the natural goodness of the bird's nest, you must carefully control the temperature during the cooking process.

That is also why millions of people turned to BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink. BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink uses only top quality genuine nest from Southeast Asia. And using modern technology, BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink is prepared in a tightly-controlled environment, preserving all the goodness of the bird's nest. And, you can drink it anywhere, any time.

According to A.C. Nielsen Retail Audit and TNS Home Panel Study, BRAND'S® is the market leader in the bird's nest drink market in key areas in Asia including Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. BRAND'S® is also the largest bottled bird's nest exporter into the North American region, according to the US Waterborne Imports Database.

BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink is available in three offerings:
BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink with Rock Sugar 2.3 fl.oz.
BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest Drink, Sugar Free 2.3 fl.oz.
BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Drink with Rock Sugar 1.4 fl.oz.

Disclaimer :
Bird's Nest is known to cause allergy in some people, especially young children. For first time user, take a small sip and wait for 24 hours.

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